Electric Go Karts

Experience a unique, adrenaline-filled track experience with Victory Raceway’s indoor electric go karts. Electric go kart racing at Victory Raceway in St. Louis features state-of-the-art technology focused on speed, acceleration, superior performance and handling. Simply put, our electric go karts – among other go kart companies – are simply the best in the industry.

Outstanding Acceleration

  • Immediate Full Throttle Response and High-Torque Output
  • Excellent Acceleration - Especially Around Tight Corners
  • 18 Horsepower Electric Motor
  • Reaches Speeds up to 45 MPH

Efficient Motor Brake System

  • CNC Anodized Aluminum Brakes Engineered for Flexibility, Strength and Reliability
  • Self-Ventilated Design Allows Breaks to Cool Quickly
  • Revers Gear Switch
  • Full Maneuverability for Simple and Smooth Handling on the Track

Environmentally Friendly

  • Electric Go Karts Produce Zero Emissions
  • No Smelly Exhaust Fumes or Harmful Smoke Clouds
  • Healthier Environment for Racers with Allergies, Breathing Problems and Respitory Distress
  • Provides an Environmentally Clean and Safe Racing Experience

Speed Safety

  • Adrenaline-Packed Racing Experience While Keeping You Safe
  • Ability to Radio Program and Regulate Go Karts' Speeds to Accommodate Skill Levels of Racers
  • Capability to Tune Down Aggressive Drivers' Pit Speed to Maintain a Safe Environment
  • All Go-Karts Feature a Remote Shutoff in the Event of an Emergency

Measurable Performance

  • Ability to Measure Racing Performance
  • Capability to Ensure Evenly Matched Karts With Electronic Technology

Victory Raceway is open 7 days a week to the public and offers open racing daily on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information, call us today at 314-925-7545 or view our calendar page to ensure the track is not scheduled for a reserved group event and therefore closed to the public.

Victory Raceway in St. Louis is independently owned and operated by Archangel Karting, LLC.